Professional inspection method

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  • Sampling location and sample preparation for mechanical properties test of steel and steel products (GB/T2975-1998)

  • Carbon turbulent steel and medium-low alloy steel multi-element determination spark discharge atomic emission spectrometry analysis method (GB/T4336-2002)

  • The allowable deviation of the chemical composition of the finished steel (GB/T222-2006)

  • Billet inspection implementation standard YB/T2011-2004

  • Hot rolled ribbed steel bars implementation standard GB/T1499.2-2018

  • Hot-rolled round steel bar implementation standard CB/T1499.1-2017

  • Steel bar bending and reverse bending test method GB/T5126-2003

  • General requirements for section steel acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate GB/T2010-2008

  • Metallographic inspection method. According to GB/T224-2008 "Decarburization layer depth measurement method of steel" GB/T6394-2002<Metal average grain size measurement method. GB/T13298-1991<Metal microstructure inspection method". GB/T10561-2005<Determination of the content of non-metallic inclusions in steel, standard grading chart microscopic inspection method"