• Mission


    We are the steel mills of the city, rooted in the city and serving the city.

    Wantai is committed to the continuous innovation and development of new steel materials to help the urbanization process.

  • Vision


    Centennial Wantai, the benchmark for excellence.

    Based on “high efficiency, regeneration, low carbon and innovation”, it has become the benchmark forerunner of the short-process “green city steel mill” for all scrap steel.

  • Development Philosophy

    Development Philosophy

    Material circulation, efficient transportation, energy regulation, near-zero emissions, and value creation.

  • Enterprise Strategy

    Enterprise Strategy

    Deepen R&D and innovation, sink service terminals, and strive to build an industrial chain of new low-carbon steel materials.

Enterprise spirit: keep up with the spirit of the red ship

In terms of quality, there is a creative spirit that dares to be the first, an indomitable spirit of struggle in entrepreneurship, and a dedication to establishing a business in good faith and rewarding the society in terms of responsibility.





Environmental protection is the business card of a company

Only first-class environmental protection can promote the sustainable development of enterprises.Responsibility for environmental protection has only a starting point and no end point.