Zhejiang Wantai Special Steel became the first short-process steel mill to pass and issue an EPD report

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On January 11th, the iron ore EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) launch and steel EPD centralized release ceremony hosted by the China Iron and Steel Industry Association and hosted by Ouye Yunshang Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai.As the leaders and guests jointly pressed the start button, 6 iron ore EPDs were successfully launched in the world, and 20 steel EPDs were successfully released centrally. The EPD platform for the steel industry has reached a new level and is an important milestone in the development process of the platform. Event.

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The EPD platform for the steel industry has been in operation for 7 months since its establishment on May 19, 2022. Significant progress has been made in the construction of the platform. It has become the first specialized platform in China's industrial field to go online and successfully operate. So far, 35 reports from nearly 10 companies such as Wantai, Baowu, Shougang, Shagang, Baosteel, Jiugang, etc. have been completed. The products cover hot-rolled plates, coated plates, H-shaped steel, wire, stainless steel, iron ore, etc., Especially this iron ore EPD report is the world's first and provides a Chinese solution for evaluating the low-carbon properties of iron ore.The smooth operation of the platform has provided strong support for China's low-carbon steel transformation and development to achieve point-to-point breakthroughs.

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At the launch ceremony, 20 EPD reports from Wantai Special Steel, Shougang, Shagang, Baosteel, Jiugang, Baosteel, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Echeng Iron and Steel and other units were released centrally, demonstrating that Chinese iron and steel companies are actively taking action to further promote the green and low-carbon transformation and development in the face of the “dual-carbon” goal.China's steel industry is striving to become the explorer and forerunner of the world's green and low-carbon steel development and intelligent manufacturing. Wantai, Shougang, Shagang, Baosteel, Jiugang, Baowu Resources, etc., as the companies that released the EPD this time, fully affirmed the development results of the EPD platform in the steel industry.They said that the release of this EPD is essential for the steel industry to implement the national “dual-carbon” strategy, for the low-carbon transformation and sustainable development of enterprises, and is also one of the new tracks for the green development of various enterprises.At the same time, carrying out EPD certification is not only an important way for enterprises to further explore the international market, expand international cooperation, and integrate into the international green trade system, but also an important measure to fully and accurately grasp the environmental performance information of the whole life cycle of steel products and carry out in-depth green design of steel products.

Zhong Shaoliang, deputy director General of the World Steel Association and chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office, said in his speech that he is very pleased to see many EPD reports released centrally, demonstrating the leadership and responsibility of China's steel industry and enterprises.

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Zhejiang Wantai Special Steel Co., Ltd. is the first short-process steel mill to pass and issue an EPD report, demonstrating its positive action in the face of the “double carbon” goal, and will further promote the green and low-carbon transformation and development.

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Representatives of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, China Metallurgical and Mining Enterprises Association, Wantai Special Steel, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel, Chongqing Iron and Steel, Echeng Iron and Steel, Baowu Resources, Shougang, Shagang, Jiugang, Baosteel, Baowu and its subsidiary Baogang and other related units, news media representatives participated in the launch ceremony.