Zhejiang Wantai Special Steel Co., Ltd. Pan Screw was successfully put into operation

Editor:浙江万泰特钢有限公司 │ Release Time:2022-04-02 

On the morning of March 8, 2022, the high-wire direct tie-making technical transformation project of Zhejiang Wantai Special Steel Co., Ltd. was officially completed. The design output of this production line is 800,000 tons per year, and the full production can produce about 80,000 tons of snails per month.

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The Wantai special steel high-speed wire production line adopts a fully continuous modern production line with torsion-free rolling across the board. At present, it mainly produces hot-rolled steel coils with specifications of 6mm-12mm, with a design annual output of 800,000 tons.Using the compact cutting head machine in front of the DWB pre-finishing mill, the low-temperature rolling process, the closed-loop control system, the latest generation of wire spitting machine and the winding station, etc., the maximum guaranteed rolling speed of the finished product is 120m/s.

In order to actively respond to the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, Wantai Special Steel took the lead in assuming the responsibility of low-carbon emission reduction, and actively promoted the green and low-carbon direct tie-in project of Wantai Iron and Steel high-speed wire production line. The entire project invested 50 million yuan in renovation costs and a construction period of 100 days. It was successfully completed and put into trial operation on the morning of March 8, fully demonstrating the determination and action of Wantai people.

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